Design is the first phase in the construction process, and smart, well thought out plans translate to accurate pricing, effective scheduling, a less stressful project and more valuable end results.

The best design solution begins with identifying:

Budget (always rules the project)
Function (both present and future. Families’ needs change over time, and it is important to look ahead)
Site Exposure (light and wind, grade, views, and privacy)
Style (per regional standards, client preference, budget and functional requirements)

My expertise lies in combining these four parameters (function, budget, site, and style), using a process that results in an exceptionally strong design and very satisfied customers.

With an acute understanding of space, both visually and functionally, I help my clients to maximize their vision, no matter the design style (Colonial, Cape, New Englander, Farmhouse, Coastal Cottage, etc.).

And having worked extensively for a builder, I have a strong understanding of efficient construction. My goal is to create the best house I can for my clients, and that means getting the most for their money–not just with the construction costs, but also with the design fees.